SmartKem, the world-leader in organic semiconductors for flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays, has launched a brand new website to reflect its growing presence within the Asian display market supply chain.

The Chinese-language SmartKem website is designed to offer a window into the company’s operations, which involve the production of a patented semiconductor platform delivering exceptional thin film transistor (TFT) performance for displays on plastic.

SmartKem’s work with collaborative partners in Asia is driving the commercialisation of this revolutionary display format, which enables fully flexible, low power displays for wearable, mobile, embedded and large area OLED display products.

SmartKem Chief Business Officer Steve Marsh said: “Although our semiconductors are designed in the UK, we recognise Asia, and China in particular, as the best place to scale-up and commercialise this technology.”

Although Korea currently accounts for the majority of the OLED market, SmartKem has long-recognised China as the primary growth engine in the Asian display market supply chain. The decision to create a Chinese language website signifies SmartKem’s confidence in Chinese expertise, innovation and the country’s drive to become a world-leader in fully-flexible OLED displays.

Other recent company developments have seen SmartKem receive patent allowance for its semiconductor materials in China. The company has also participated in a range of Chinese trade shows and events that demonstrate the country’s willingness to embrace world-class innovation in this exciting marketplace.

Mr Marsh said Chinese panel manufacturers were switching their focus from liquid crystal display (LCD) facilities to OLED capabilities as they realised the growth potential in new application markets for rigid and flexible OLED-based display products.

He said: “My many years in the global display market have shown me that China’s willingness to innovate, investigate and invest in new technology is world-leading. And because our technology works with existing manufacturing equipment that is prevalent in China, we can be confident that with our partners we can swiftly scale up, commercialise and enjoy the benefits together.

“We are creating a great partnership – combining the best of British design with Chinese creativity and production innovation. This website demonstrates our willingness to continue to invest in China as the growth engine of the OLED display market.”

The new SmartKem website can be found at It contains information about SmartKem’s products, unrivalled IP portfolio and leadership team. Visitors can use the site to easily discover information about the benefits SmartKem’s technology can bring in the design and manufacture of new form factor displays, touch screen and sensor based product applications. The website’s contemporary design also reflects SmartKem’s innovative approach.