SmartKem, the UK based developer of solution coated organic semiconductors for the manufacture of conformal and flexible displays on plastic has gained significant traction in the Asian display industry, with the signing of significant commercial agreements with leading manufacturers.

To support this exciting growth the leadership at SmartKem, headed by CEO and Founder Steve Kelly, has recently been boosted with the appointment of another industry heavyweight Steve Marsh, who joins as Chief Business Officer. Marsh brings with him extensive experience of driving commercial agreements in the displays industry specifically within Asia.

The recruitment is in recognition that this is a key marketplace for the display industry at an important time, given the rapid evolution of conformal and flexible LCD and OLED product development. Marsh understands the exciting opportunities that are present at SmartKem, as Asian manufacturers are increasingly recognising the tru-FLEX® technology platform offers them a differentiated platform from which they can gain key commercial advantages above and beyond competitors while presenting real end-user benefits.

“This is a time where our advancements in Asia have reached a critical tipping point, with the recent signing of two commercial agreements with leading Asian manufacturers.” Commented Steve Kelly, CEO and Founder of SmartKem. “We are excited to bring Steve Marsh on board to capitalise on his experience of overseeing commercial agreements in Asia, to further extend the reach of tru-FLEX® into the wider Asian display industry. We are poised to become the flexible thin-film transistor material technology of choice in this vital region and Steve Marsh will play a critical part in driving further wide scale commercial adoption of our technology.”

Steve Marsh is an established senior sales and marketing director with extensive international sales and commercial rollout experience across Asia, US and Europe with Phillips, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, amongst other blue chip companies. Marsh joins SmartKem most recently from Plastic Logic, where he was employed in a business development capacity.

“This is a truly exciting time to be joining SmartKem and I very much look forward to applying my knowledge to the tru-FLEX® semiconductor brand. The product is technically advanced and a superior solution from which many manufacturers can leverage a significant advantage over more traditional thin-film transistor platforms.” Commented Marsh when asked about his new role.

SmartKem’s tru-FLEX® platform is an innovative semiconductor technology that has gained significant traction globally as the TFT technology of choice for display manufacturers seeking the next phase of added value in the consumer experience – the conformal and truly flexible thin-film transistor platform that combines low cost, ultra-flexibility and low power consumption.

A key strength of the solution coated tru-FLEX® TFT platform is that is can be adopted straight into existing display TFT backplane production lines commonly used by manufacturers in Asia without the need for any new equipment. SmartKem’s tru-FLEX® provides display manufacturers with a semiconductor ink that allows high throughput, low temperature solution coating using standard slit coat equipment on low cost plastic substrates. These ultra-flexible TFT arrays can then be integrated as a pixel driver ‘backplane’ array with OLED, EPD and LCD ‘front planes’ for the manufacture of conformal and ultra-flexible, lightweight and low power displays for wearable, mobile and large area applications.

For further information about the flexible display market in Asia, or how you can embrace flexible backplane technology, please contact the team at SmartKem via the website: